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Healthy Policies: Regulating the Nigerian Aviation Industry for Disaster Prevention

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The recent aviation disaster in Nigeria is a call to the Nigeria Government to examine practices within its aerospace.  News reports indicate that a State governor and five other individuals were killed when a military helicopter crashed enroute Nigeria’s oil capital, Port Harcourt. This is a developing story and you can read more about it HERE.

Air incidents are increasingly becoming significant public health events in Africa’s most populous nation. This year alone, aside from the current event, there have been three reported air disasters which altogether have left close to 200 people dead or injured.

In order to prevent such disasters, the Nigerian Government has to step up to the plate to determine best practices for its aviation industry.

The video below is a record of the site of the DANA air crash that occured in the month of June, this year. Please be warned. The images in the video below are graphic and can be disturbing

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